Monday, January 01, 2007

Prophetic Love

The prophets of the Old Testament knew that people would suffer due to the things that they foretold. They knew that neither they nor God was responsible for the tragic ends that would befall their people, but rather it was the natural consequence of evil behavior. They further knew that, at least for a little while, in the people would draw closer to God and one another. They knew that the privileged the oppressor would bear the brunt of the punishment, and that they would return humanized by their travails. So, while they were saddened by the calamity their nation would face, they were hopeful for a new beginning. Besides, there was always an opportunity for repentance, to turn from their self destructive ways and create a more egalitarian society, that would not collapse under its own weight. It would be meaningless of God to warn the people of a great disaster if there was nothing they could do about it; and sometimes they did, more often they did not.
In 2 Kings 22 we read about King Josiah, who upon finding the book of the law, rent his robes on account of how far the people had strayed from it, he command all the people that the kingdom would be ruled in accordance to those laws. In a like way, the only hope this nation has is a leader who, upon a careful reading of the laws that established this land, will rent his garment at how far the people have strayed from it, and decree that this nation will be governed in accordance with those laws. Our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights are not buried in the ruins of an ancient temple, but hidden in plain sight. Marginalized by the very people we hire to enforce them. Franky, the nation has wandered much to far afield for her repentance to be painless. Drastic action must be taken. The health and security of the American people must be repossessed from the corporate interests that hold it hostage and placed back into the hands of the people. Medical insurance can no longer be reformed, it is too late and their minions have feasted for too long on the blood of the people; it must be abolished and we the people must take over in looking out for our countrymen. We must, for once and for all, declair that corporations are not people, and that it is the people that matter. If a corporation can not put the children of men first then they should be driven from the land, leaving behind the ill gotten gains that we, in our niavity have awarded them. Too long they have scoffed the laws written to protect the people, but used only to further exploit them. Corporations of all ilk will operate at the people's pleasure, or they will be denied the privilege of operating at all. Until this country is about the business of humanity, all of it's other business will amount to naught. We must recognize that health care is a human right, that penitentiaries, by their very name are places for misguided children of God to recognize the error of their ways, the nations wealth is for the enrichment of all her citizens, not just a few, our laws are to promote the general welfare of the people not their further enslavement and we hire those people that inhabit the halls of government to ensure that our unalienable rights, bestowed on us by our Creator, are protected; that is their divine charge that they dare not fail.
Just as it was to the prophets of old, it is clear that if this nation does begin to keep the promises she made over two hundred years ago, she will falter. The mighty will be brought down, and after much pain and suffering, the remnant will begin to heal; maybe. Perhaps the blessing will fall to another, maybe God will reason that He has given us long enough, and those mighty works that He has been waiting for us to accomplish have waited long enough, and will be gladly performed by another. And perhaps He has a similar message for the church. In this new year we have a new chance to be the nation, and the people that God has called us to be. Let's not blow it.

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