Sunday, January 07, 2007

Agape Means Love

OK, so I probably should have known this already (being the well informed pundit that I am), but I just found out that one of the purveyors of “Christian” hatred; The American Family Association, uses as the title for their publishing service Agape press. Apparently the fundies don't know what love means in any language. You know, when I look everyday at what the “church” is up to, I don't know whether to cuss or cry; sometimes I do both. A respected U.S. General, retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (you would think a guy like that would have some insight as to what is bad and good for the military) states that in his experience the military's homophobic policies are hurting the service and the country; the adulterous bride of Christ goes batshit. “Oh, it must be the stroke he had” (two and a half years ago) they exclaim, “it is clouding his judgment.” What is the matter with these people? Can somebody please help me to understand why they harbor so much hatred?
When the movie “The Passion of the Christ” came out, the folks in this part of the woods were beside themselves; “Do you see what those Jews did to Jesus? Those dirty heathens!” Jesus was able to survive thirty three years in Palestine, preaching what he preached; that hippie jew-boy (are you shocked, offended? Good! You should be offended, dammit! How could this writer even imply that Jesus was a hippie or one of them Jews?!?) wouldn't last a single weekend here in the Bible belt. He opposed capital punishment (John 8:3-11), was an outspoken defender of homosexuals; publicly praising the faith of a gay Centurion (Matthew 8:10-12) and prohibiting gay bashing (Matthew 5:22); stood up for the rights of women (Matthew 19:3-8), tax collectors (Luke 11:8-14), lepers (Matthew 8:1-4,) and the poor and enslaved (too many to list). He advocated universal health care (Matthew 10:8, 11:5, Luke 7:22). Had no objection to paying His taxes (Mark 12:13-17) and advocated the separation of church and state (Mar 12:17, John 18:36). Make no mistake, they would have popped Him the first time He opened His mouth, long before He had a sit in at the Temple (Mark 11:15-18) publicly criticized the governor (Luke 14:28), the king (Luke 13:32) or the religious leaders (again too many to count).
So, why then do they call themselves by the name of a man whose every opinion they hate? How can they criticize a people that did exactly what they would have done? And how can they expect that they will like Him any better when He is in charge? And what will they say to Him when He asks why they behaved the way they did, when He made crystal clear what He expected from them (Matthew 25:31-46)? When they look at the suffering that they have cause their Master, the tear ruts cut in His face; and they kind of recognize Him as that homeless guy they spit on or that gay guy whose funeral they disrupted, what will they say? How will they answer the child that died of an overdose or suicide, or lived her life in misery when God's love was available to her always, because they turned God's love into hatred (Luke 17:2).

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