Monday, November 13, 2006

With Apologies to Cheech and Chong, Man!

There was this dude, Moses man, and he lived with his old lady, Yeshiva and these fortune teller dudes in the Sinai dessert.
So anyway, Moses was truckin' home one day picking the buds off the cactuses and shit when all of a sudden he heard someone saying like "Yo Moses, come here and check this shit out". And there was God smoking a whole bush of gold (what do you mean "how did he get it from Mexico?" He's God, man!)
So Moses is all freaked out because it never occurred to him to smoke the bushes (they used to lick frog in Egypt, no really, it's in all the papers of the time, "God save Israelites from frog poisoning by turning them on to good weed, man.")
And so Moses goes "who are you?" and God say's "I am Yehova, er
Jehovah, um Brahma, I mean... shit this is good stuff.. I am who I am". And Moses said "ok man, no more for you" (yeah, that's where the expression "don't bogart the bush, my friend" came from).

And the rest is history! Well, not really, but the point is we get all caught up with things that aren’t important. We are letting killers go free to make room for kids caught with small amounts of marijuana, and building bigger prisons to house them all. Old people and the infirmed are being arrested and persecuted because they have found it is effective in relieving their pain. This is another issue that the Church is pushing the Empire’s agenda instead of mercy and compassion. “And the language, Mildred did you see the language? And God smoking dope? Blasphemy!” Get over your selves, and proclaim redemption to those in prison… man.

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