Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Well, it isn't getting any better, is it? The present administration does one evil destructive thing after another, and Congress just lets them. One catastrophe worse than the one before and the answer is suppose to be to give them more authority. This should have been nipped in the butt THE FIRST SECOND that the "Democrats" had the majority. It may almost be OK for the Republicans to take for granted that we are "nice guys" and expect us to lay there; I mean if we realize that they are "evil bastards" and that they will rape us (and the rest of the country) with every vile and hurtful thing they can get their hands on. And the really annoying thing? The unmitigated evil of the administration and their cronies coupled with the complicity of the Democratically controlled Congress obscures the fact that there are good honest patriotic Republicans that are sick of the abuse and Democrats ready to fight to take our country back, but ham stringed by their leadership too flush with privileged to do their jobs; representing the American people. I want to share a couple of e-mails I sent the speaker of the house soon after their "victory". They apparently had no effect on her, maybe they will make sense to you.


5-23-2007: Taking back our country -

Dr. Madam Speaker,

My father would ask ba quanda? (sp) , but when?
I guess the advertisement advocating John McCain for president on your web
page says it all.
It should be abundantly clear by now that Mr. Bush has no intention of
cooperating with healing the country that he so gleefully destroyed, and
frankly, every day that you allow him to continue as a barrier to progress
you are further implicated in his evil doing. He stated today that AG
Gonzales did nothing wrong. The use of the Justice department to steal
elections was doing nothing wrong. These are not misguided people, who just
want what is best for our country and its people; but rather greedy selfish
men who envision a society where the majority of Americans are beholden to
their feudal masters. They have , with much industry, dismantled not only
the advances made by the new deal and the great society, but also those made
by the American revolution. There is not much of the Constitution that
remains intact after this administration. And the bill of rights might as
well never been written. The President is unfazed by his tumbling popularity;
he doesn't care what others think of him, only his opinion matters; in short he is a sociopath.
No amount of failure is going to dissuade him from his disastrous course, and
he is willing to take the country with him, no he desires it. It is kind of
cute that you passed all of those bills early in the year, but with no way to
get them signed into law, what difference does it make? When the country
comes crashing down around our feet, George Bush will not be called on to
pay; he will already be gone, living a life of privilege in a country more
accommodating to the privileged than when he took office. And when our
grandchildren are struggling for air and food and jobs, when we are no longer here to protect them, it will not trouble him in the least. A Viceroy in
Iraq that loses billions, a FEMA chief that allows thousands to die and tens
of thousands to suffer, an AG that perverts the very meaning of justice; when is enough enough?


06/10/2007: National Security Presidential Directive (remember that? kinda seems like small change after all the Congress has allowed the administration to get away with since) -

Dear Madam Speaker,

Can you think of a more criminally incompetent person to be totally in charge
of America during time of real crisis than George W. Bush? For that matter
can you think of a more inept person to be in charge of a lemonade stand
during a heat wave. Is there anybody in your recent memory that has been
more prolific at rescuing disaster from the jaws of opportunity than George
W. Bush?

How can you possibly leave him minding our great country, when it appears the
only thing keeping him up at night is his failure to have totally destroyed
our country, our reputation, our freedoms and our way of life? How can you
claim to be doing your job while allowing him to word the NSPD and HSPD in
such a way that it gives him dictatorial powers if HE decides there is a
crisis of sufficient magnitude? His entire administration has been defined
by large scale crisis, most by his hand.

No matter how true your motives, this country will never get back on track
with Bush in the White House, he has proved that by vetoing the Military
Spending Bill, by continuing to shelter Alberto Gonzalez, and by continuing
to nominate hateful or incompetent people to those positions that fall under
his control. There is also a good possibility that anther Supreme Court
Justice will have to be appointed before his term naturally ends. If there
is any question of what a disaster that would be, just review some of the
rulings made by the Supreme Court in the past month or so. Imagine forty
years of this type of obstruction, regardless of who lives in the White House
and what the composition of the Congress is.

You must either reign him in, or if you feel you (meaning in both cases
Congress) cannot, then you must impeach him. It has gone beyond politics.
This is no longer about getting along; Mr. Bush has proved that he takes
Newt Gingrich's advice to heart; "bi-partisanship is another word for date
rape." You cannot hope to unilaterally cooperate. Mr. Bush has decried the
mean spirited tone in Washington and then when you have presented a more
friendly face, has interpreted it for weakness and attacked since the
beginning of his term. NO MORE MS NICE GUY! Start doing what we hired you
for; defend the Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.


This administration has proved that they don't need a whole lot of time to percolate a disaster; January is a million years from now in "Dubya" years. There is also time for the Congress, Democrats and Republicans, to do the job they were hired to do; put some stringent conditions on any bailouts, automakers, banking, Wall Street. These people have made their living despoiling America for long enough, it is time they start giving back. It has become standard operating procedure in our justice system to deny the criminals the fruits of their ill gotten gains, except in those arenas run by the administrations cronies. This must change.

The automakers can have the money, if they retool their factories to produce massively more energy efficient cars and hire American workers to build those cars, it is our money. The financial sector can have the money, if they are equally forgiving of their clients, if they will restructure mortgages so that home owners can pay them, it is our money; if they will repair retirement accounts so that retirees are not impoverish by the collapse, it is our money; if they will operate to rebuild our economy and invest in the hardest hit communities, it is OUR money!

Or we could let "the market prevail", let them live with the consequences of their actions (as they have advocated for us), throw the criminals in jail, take the wealth from the greedy offer no aid to managers that mis-managed; and spend that money on a new crop of automakers, investors and government officials who are willing to put us before their personal and financial agendas.
Either way is OK with me (Jesus probably prefers compassion, though.)

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