Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Requiem for a Horse

Brothers and sisters we are gathered here to mourn the death of the Republicans moral high horse. Mitt Romney is running a political advertisement stating that he is not one of those "tax and spend" democrats, this is probably the only state in the union that would not respond to this rubbish by storming the station. But. today, the horse is finally dead; it is only right to mourn it, after all the great sins of the republican party aren't the horses fault. For thirteen years the poor thing has taken them everywhere they wanted to go, regardless of how foolish they looked when they got there. The horse, I think Bullshit is his name has been looking sickly for quite some time, with them spending over a billion dollars a week on the Iraq war and two trillion dollars in tax cuts aimed at the very rich, while requests by we the people for five or ten million dollars to feed our hungry, or 3-10 billion to keep an entire city from winding up underwater were rebuffed by the cry, "there is no money." Today, President Bush, who fancies himself a Christian vetoed a bill to fund medical care for children, and my representative, who undoubtedly ran on some sort of a religious platform (it is hard to keep the "three stooges", Graham, DeMint and Wilson, straight) explained to me that he supports him for the same old political reasons. This after yesterday then entire Congress gave the White House over 200 billion dollars to fuel the disaster in Iraq.
An investigation is underway to determine cause of death, foul play is seriously suspected; knowing the republicans it's probably something sick and disgusting. So, Rest in Peace, Bullshit; and please you horse traders out there, don't sell these reprobates another horse.

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