Monday, November 06, 2006

The LAST Jesus Freak???

The title of this blog seems a little self-indulgent now. In the past several years, the ranks of those who take Jesus' words seriously about justice and mercy have grown. But in the early years (the 90s), it seemed that I was a voice crying out in the wilderness. There were "Christians", but it did not appear that they would care much for Jesus if they ever met Him. He would seem to them to be a bit of a pinko, always talking about love and all. And there were "liberals", but even though they were living more as Jesus would have advocated, they didn't care much for the person the other fellow portrayed Him as. To some extent, this is changing, and it is inaccurate to call the blog "the last Jesus freak blog. " There are others, and they are good. But I had to call it something.

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Jim McCullough said...

Flyby posting to annoy Mike.